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Tension Soars as Russian Hackers Target Germany Over Ukraine’s Military Aids


Russian hackers, Noname057 is targeting key infrastructure in Germany.

They claimed that the nation is gradually losing its neutral status when it comes to the war with Ukraine. In their words, they said the European country is losing its principle of neutrality and has long been in the “gray zone” of the conflict, training Ukronazis and supplying weapons to Kyiv.

Noname047 Targets Bremen Ports

In its latest action against Ukraine and its allies, Noname057 is launching its signature DDos attack on several German infrastructures. This time, they are targeting transport lines.

One of its targets during the latest flurry of attacks is the port of Bremen. The threat actors downed the website of one of the busiest ports in Europe, causing delays in services and untold consequences. Simultaneously, the attack on the website of NordWestBahn, a private railway company went on.

As a result, passengers could not book their tickets via the website, slowing down operations. Additionally, the hackers downed the Berlin public transport and metro website as well as its news portal. The last infrastructure the list of victims was the Leistritz AG group of companies operating in the field of aviation, astronautics, and power engineering.

Russian Hackers Mull Over the Latest Military Aid

The threat group offered insight into the reason for the latest aggressions. On Thursday, the German parliament voted to send the infamous Taurus missiles to Ukraine. The Bundestag wants to send these weapons with the capabilities of hitting targets 500 km away to Kyiv.

Due to this decision, the relations between Russia and Germany are deteriorating. This also gave rise to the flurry of attacks by Russian hackers.

Noname057 also stated that the decision of the European country to reduce its gas supplies from Russia was also another reason for the offensive. Nonetheless, they claimed that Germany itself is suffering the consequences.