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Bitcoin Trader Hits Jackpot With Staggering $30 Million Profit!


Another win in the crypto space as a Bitcoin trader made millions of dollars in profit after hodling his assets for about 13 years, according to a tweet on X. The tweet reads, “An old Bitcoin wallet from 2011 just moved over $30,000,000 worth of  $BTC. The owner hodled it all the way from $2 to $61,000.”


The Bitcoin trader bought 500 BTC in 2011 at a price of 1 BTC for $2 and held the position until recently, when he sold off at a price of $61,000 per BTC, realizing a significant profit of $30,000,000.

Investors Building Wealth With Bitcoin

Over the years, a considerable amount of Bitcoin investors have hit it big on the space. While some have realized substantial profits from timely sales, others have multiplied the worth of their assets by hodling crypto for a long time.

Recently, our team reported that a Bitcoin address left dormant for about 10 years was activated after a $40 million sale. Back in 2014 when Bitcoin was worth $917, the owner of the wallet bought 687.33 $BTC for $630K and made $40 million after selling off in 2024 for 1 BTC at $63k.

Memecoins Joins The Trend

The crypto space is large enough for anyone to thrive. The market growth has yielded significant returns for different ranges of investors, both Bitcoin enthusiasts and Memecoin traders.

A trader who invested in $GUMMY token made a $10 million profit in just 24 hours after buying the token at $9,775 before it went live. The $10 million gain brought controversy in the crypto space, with many wondering how the mystery trader could make such a profitable sale in just a day. 

Another trader bought some MANEKI tokens worth $110K and made a whopping $8.72M in just three hours of trading.

What’s more, some crypto traders have made notable profits, up to thousands in just a few minutes! For instance, a Sniper bought $cool token at $1 and realized a profit of $250k a few minutes after buying the token. As with the case of the $GUMMY token, speculations rose in the space, with other snipers and traders saying that it was an insider trade leak.