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Intelbroker Steals Europol Data, Auctions Personnel Data and Access to Sirius


Intelbroker recently announced that it breached the Europol web portal, claimed it carted significant data, and is offering it for sale.

The group provided a screenshot of the portal backend to prove its exploit. Although it failed to illuminate the date it exfiltrated, many speculate it may include personnel data.

Nonetheless, the Dark Web informer found the sale to cross-border access to the portal backend information for sale on a marketplace. The group is also auctioning electronic evidence the security agency stores and demands payment in the now-ousted XMR.

The band added that it also breached the SIRIUS platform. 47 countries, including EU member states, the United Kingdom, countries with a cooperation agreement with Eurojust, and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) use this system.

Additionally, fears of the data continuing into the hands of a more sinister threat actor are at a peak as the hackers claimed they would release the data to only ‘reputable’ members.

Europol Confirms Breach

The  European Union’s Law enforcement agency confirmed the attack a day after the threat actor placed the data on sale. It affirmed that it is investigating the incident.

Nonetheless, it claimed that the hackers breached its Europol Platform for Experts, which it uses to share knowledge, best practices, and non-personal data on crime.

More on Intelbroker

Many claimed Intelbroker is a group, while others claimed it’s an individual. Nonetheless, the entity has a reputation for leaking data from several government agencies.

The actor gained popularity after breaching DC Health Link, which manages healthcare plans for U.S. House members, staff, and families. As a result, the firm lost the personal data of 170,000 affected individuals, including U.S. House of Representatives members and staff. The attack also led to a congressional hearing.

Aside from the attack on Europol. The threat actor recently threatened to leak some FBI’s data.