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CloudNordic Server and Customer Data Allegedly Wiped Clean


Unknown threat actors sneakily breached the server of CloudNordic and corrupted its system after using a ransomware infection that encrypted the Danish cloud provider, according to IT department reports.

According to the report, the breach happened in the early hours of August 18, during which the threat actors seemingly shut down all of CloudNordic’s systems, erasing both the company and customer’s websites and email systems.

Moment After, the IT department swiftly reported the incident and responded accordingly by working to sort out the issue and restore the system, however, it’s not working as expected.

CloudNordic Experience and Statements

The firm reportedly says, we cannot and do not want to meet the financial demands of the cybercriminal organization for a ransom payment. Undeniably, it has become impossible to recover and recreate more data, thus, the vast majority of our customers have lost all of their data with us, CloudNordic says in a statement.

Additionally, CloudNordic confirms that the IT department failed to fully reach all customers with data loss. Moreover, it says to have contacted the police about the intrusion and is investigating the incident.

Above all this, CloudNordic is positive that the hackers were unable to exfiltrate any data before encrypting the whole system. However, this is barely any comfort to organizations that lost their data in the cyber breach.

Furthermore, the firm estimated that the infection happened as the hackers tried moving the data from one data center to another. Moreover, the machines were infected before the transfers which gave the actors access to both the central administrative systems, storage, replication backup system, and secondary backups, all of which they swiftly encrypted for extortions.

Notably, Apologized and promised to get the customer’s web and email servers without data back online to restore their services.

However, The firm asserted it would take lots of time to completely restore all services even without the data and advised critically impacted customers to find new providers to minimize the downtime on their end.