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KittenSec Announced A Chilling Revelation Of 12 Million Citizens Data Leaked


KittenSec, a mysterious hackers organization with little track record of visibility, made a startling announcement today about its desire to leak more than 12 million citizens’ data from different top cities.

On their telegram page, the group enthusiastically pronounced judgment on Panama, Chile, and the Italian Ministry of Justice by revealing it has 12 Million data from their systems in each of their cities and it will leak all of them today.

Popular Opinion On The Data Leak

This shocking revelation chilled the minds of many Netizens with so many questions raised. When did they get so much data? How were they able to go unnoticed while retrieving the data? could there be more to these leaks? This disturbing thought roams in the heads of many.

Furthermore, two million of the data leaked belonged to the citizens of Panama, and ten million other data belonged to the citizens of Chile and the Italian Ministry of Justice.

Unsurprisingly, the threat actors revealed there are more data leaks to come in the foreseeable future. Interestingly, they promised to keep the standard of high-quality leaks in the next attacks to keep the game on and satiate the unending desires of the dark world.

Additionally, the group added its need for support in providing these unprofitable leaks from the governmental facilities or organizations they attacked, with a link to a donation address of a crypto wallet called Monero.

However, CybertechWiz is yet to hear from any of the leaked city representatives or any known statements clarified. Nonetheless, it promises to shower updates on the organization and its operations when known.

Kittensec Breached Zapay

In the late hours of Tuesday, kittensec announced it had successfully breached The French payment company has more than two million customers and boasts a valuation of almost ten million per Crunchbase.

However, the threat group claimed it has the data of over a million Zapay customers but won’t release them as it mistakenly deleted the data from its server.