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Ghostsec Exfiltrate 20GB of Data From its Latest Attack on Irans FANAP Software


The FANAP software, Behnama suffered a cyberattack a few hours to writing. Ghostsec announced the exploits on its telegram channel on Sunday.

Iran Loses 20GB of Data

The hacktivist did not provide much insight into the attack. However, the Iranian software, popularly known as Behnama, lost more than 20GB worth of people’s data. Additionally, as per the post, the assault was a gradual one. The exfiltration of this data lasted two months as Ghostsec slowly carried out the deed “file by file” before ending.

In response to the breach, authorities blocked backend access to the software. However, the action came late as FANAP had already suffered damage. They also launched an investigation into how the hacktivist gained entry into the system. As of the time of writing, there are no new updates on the situation.

Nonetheless, the exploit is garnering a lot of reactions from the public. Mostly positive, others are intrigued by the software. More reaction stems from the fact that Ghostsec plans on releasing the data they got from the attack. In addition to getting people’s data, they also accessed the source code of the Behnama program and plan to release it to the public.

As per the post, they claimed that the assault on the FANAP software would make the fight against the Iranian regime easier. In their words, they said they were “simply making the fight a bit more equal.”

Additionally, they launched DDos on the FANAP official website.

More on FANAP Software, Behnama

It is worth noting that there is limited information about Behnama. However, Ghostsec said that FANAP software owns the program and works closely with Iran’s government.

The group also added that the regime uses the program to invade people’s privacy. According to them, they said that it has ” lovely AI face recognition and various other privacy-invading features and tools.”