Hacktivist or no Hacktivist: Siegedsec Plays Both an Agent of Chaos and an Agent of the People


Siegedsec is what many will refer to as a two-edged sword. Since we started tracking the group, they have conducted several attacks. Some of these offensives were either against a company or the government. Many following their activities closely are confused as to what the group stands for.

The founder of the group granted Cybertechwiz an interview. They discussed the ideals of these threat actors and also hinted at how they operate. So as not to confuse our readers, the leader of this sect prefers we use they/them as their pronoun. Let’s get to know them

About Siegedsec

Siegedsec brands itself as a group for the people and against the people. The founder, popularly known as Vio, said in clear terms that the group was originally not a hacktivist. In their words, they said, “It is a mainly black-hat hacking group focused on having fun and causing chaos.” Nonetheless, they claim that hacktivism is a side thing and only do it when human rights are at stake.

One such situation happened when the band attacked Forth Worth in Texas over the state’s stance on gender reassignment. The cyberattack came a few weeks after the Governor of Texas banned gender affirmation for underages. During the operation, the group exposed invoices, emails between staff members, and spreadsheets amongst other things.

This also affirmed the group’s position as pro-LGBTQ. However, the founder maintained that their group is not money-oriented. In their words, they said they do what they do for the fun of it, mocking companies and governments.

Speaking about who are likely targets, Vio stated that every institution is an open game. They added that the band will go after humanitarian organizations but is refraining from going after hospitals due to reactions from the public. They also added that they hold the people in high esteem as they may succumb to their needs if the situation arises.

While addressing questions about their location, the founder failed to provide answers due to security reasons. Nonetheless, they stated that the rapport between team members is one of the best. The band is “small and tight-knit, makes decisions together, helps each other, and shares the same mindset.”

Speaking on possible signatures or forms of attacks, Vio said that they prefer credential stuffing or social engineering for credentials. The reason for this attack is “it is simpler and relies on time while focusing energy on more complicated methods.” Nonetheless, the group is looking to incorporate other forms of assault as it is consistently learning.

Vio Talks About Collaboration and Hacktivism

In addition to being pro-LGBTQ, the group brands itself as for everyone. However, they maintained there are clear boundaries. For example, while speaking about the Ukraine-Russia war, they clearly stated that Siegedsec is completely neutral. Additionally, it does not get involved in religious revolts as members are not religion-oriented.

Nonetheless, Vio stated that they collaborate with hacktivist groups like Threatsec, Ghostsec, and Kittensec. In their words, they stated that although they share different ideals from these bands, they have fun working with them. They added that the different ideologies have no impact on the harmony between them and these hacktivists

Speaking of the Future

The founder described a rather uncertain future with several possibilities. They listed possible outcomes, citing the possibility of fully doing the people’s will by converting to a full hacktivist group. However, this decision is still open to members.

On the other hand, Vio stated that the team may disband. Speaking on possible reasons for this outcome, they said that issues with law enforcement agencies and members losing motivation to continue the hacks are high on the list. Elaborating on some individuals losing the will to continue, they added, “Some may not believe in the motive as much though, or perhaps get burned out. some members might also get caught up in real-life stuff.”

The founder ended the interview with some resounding words to the world. They said “For my final message, be gay, do crime”