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Greece Gets a Taste of Threatsec as the Group Breached a Government Website

Threatsec announced on Tuesday via its telegram group that it successfully breached a government website in Greece.

The Municipality of Agrinio fell victim to the hacktivist as it lost its official website. At the time of writing, the site is up and running. However, the group carted away source codes and other key elements of the website.

The file posted on Gofile highlighted several BIN formats that it acquired from the exploit. The total size of all the information it carted away was almost 6MB.

Threatsec Speaks on Attacking Greece

The group claimed that the motive behind the attack was a fight against corruption. It claimed that more than 90% of Greek citizens support the notion that the vice was widespread in Greece.

The Hacktivist also cited an article from 2022 published by the European Union. Excerpt from the write-up as it that Greek respondents reported feeling this way at a rate that is significantly higher than the 68 percent of respondents across all EU member states.

Threatsec claimed its latest attack was in response to the survey as it believed it is working for the people and justified the attack as fighting the corrupt Greek government.

Threatsec Previous Exploit

This is not the first time the hacktivists are taking action on key government infrastructure. A few days ago, the State Bank of India was purportedly successfully penetrated by the cyber threat group ThreatSec. The hacker organization claimed to have gained access to sensitive data from the bank, including employee details.

The State Bank of India database was successfully breached by ThreatSec using the flaws discovered in its system’s back doors, according to a post on the actor’s telegram group.

Furthermore, it declared that it now has unrestricted access to the account numbers, photo IDs, work IDs, IPs, phone numbers, names, addresses, and other sensitive data of its employees.

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