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LockBit and Clop Emerge as Ransomware Titans Responsible for June’s Attacks


In June 2023, 475 incidents of ransomware took place and LockBit leads the way with 97 points, with Clop trailing behind with 91. As per the Flashpoint June Cyber Threat Intelligence Report, BlackCat, with 41 points, is the closest competitor to these two. It demonstrates how common these two have grown, as well as how successful their infection rates are.

Lockbit and Clop Attack Software Services

The top sectors of focus are Internet Software and Services (18.9%) and Construction and Engineering (16.93%). Surprisingly, considering the FBI’s stance against paying ransoms, the United States remains the most sought country, with 226 proven incidents. This represents about half of all attack records.

The report further highlighted other security threats during this period. It claimed that the risk of remote code execution was high.

Apparently, there continues to be growing concern about the frequency with which new vulnerabilities are reported and how they are misused. According to Flashpoint, over 53% of the vulnerabilities identified last month may be remotely executed. It implies that organizations and individuals may become targets from anywhere in the world. 622 of the vulnerabilities has previously an exploit in the wild. In addition, 73% (1,342) has a solution in place.

The most prominent four suppliers were Canonical, Google, Microsoft, and SUSE. Ubuntu, Google Pixel, Pixel Watch, and Debian Linux rank first through fourth, respectively. The emphasis on Pixel products shows a systematic push to discover flaws.

Understanding the Relevance of Enterprise Times 

The figures indicate a greater challenge. For example, the CVE and NVD report databases omit 395 (21%) of the 1,828 new vulnerabilities posted. It suggests that intelligence has flaws for those organizations who rely on such sources to notify their security staff.

With so many vulnerabilities, some organizations may be unclear as to how they should deal with them. Flashpoint shows that the problem is not as serious as previously seen. By concentrating on high severity, actionable vulnerabilities minimize workload by 87%. It’s worth considering.

There is no link to the number of successful ransomware attacks and the number of vulnerabilities in this data. It’ll be fascinating to see how soon additional flaws become obvious.