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Anonymous Sudan Attacked PayPal For 30 Seconds And Left A Message Threat


Anonymous Sudan group announced on its dark web page that it launched a test attack against PayPal, the PayPal cyber attack lasted 30 seconds from  Anonymous Sudan.

The Hactivist group proclaimed its desire on the post that it will be targeting PayPal organizations in the United Arab Emirates and the United States as well. In its own words, We Have An Appointment With You Soon.

Moreover, this is not the first time anonymous Sudan is attacking with a purpose in mind, the attack on japan is something to note.

PayPal Cyber Attack And Threats

Interestingly, Anonymous Sudan’s attack on PayPal was well received by people on the dark web, which denote there is a hidden agenda of planning to launch a bigger cyber attack on PayPal.

As of the time of writing, PayPal has made no attempt to comment on any of its social media platforms accessible to its users.

Furthermore, the threat actors posted screenshots from the test PayPal cyber attack which allegedly had the online payment gateway display error messages for a time period.

Notably, the 30-second test attack against PayPal shown in the screenshot on July 17 fetched 107 reports, the report covered outages in the last 24hrs was titled, ‘User reports indicate problems at PayPal.

Anonymous Sudan Claims Responsibility For Cyberattack on Japan

On Monday night, Sources reported Anonymous Sudan dominantly attack Japan’s Ministry of Justice’s webpage leaving its response team to fight a whole night.

The attack is a result of an alleged cyberattack by the international hacker collective Anonymous in opposition to the nation’s refugee policy.

Several websites were difficult to access last night. Despite a brief recovery, there have been issues since this morning’s early hours, a ministry spokesperson informed EFE.

He stated that the authorities are looking into the issue and taking the necessary action to mitigate the incident.

The outage, which also affected the justice ministry’s home page, started around 8 p.m. on Monday and persisted until 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Several Japanese individuals vented their frustrations on Twitter during this time.