Meet Krypton Network. The New Most Feared DDos For Hire Tool 


Krypton network is a fairly new tool that is making waves amongst threat actors. What is it capable of and how does it work? 

Cybertechwiz brings you answers directly from Krypton’s creator. He offered all the necessary details about what the program does, its functions and features, and its use case as well. 

Let’s start with a proper introduction.

What is Krypton Network?

The creator of the tool, popularly known as Ryan said that it is a botnet for DDoS attacks. (DDoS for hire). One of the most intriguing features of Krypton is that it can bypass even the most complex anti-Ddos protection. 

The product also boasts a huge network of bots and servers, thereby providing a fantastic power of L4 and L7. It also exceeds the duration limit of other DDoS tools. the maximum attack time on our tariffs reaches 15,000 seconds.

Due to its capabilities, several threat actors have incorporated it into their arsenal. One such is Usersec, which has since made it one of its favorites. According to Ryan, the tool has more than 50 buyers at this time and incredible reviews. He added that these customers vary in location as anyone can purchase the botnet from anywhere and launch powerful attacks on any target.

How it was Developed

The creator stated that the development lasted about 2 months. He hired several developers to write exploits and methods so that it would be possible to bypass even the most complex Anti-Ddos protection. While the developers were working, he was developing the infrastructure. 

Ryan went on to speak about some challenges he had during the development. One such was choosing the right component for the tool. He said that at first, they wanted to use one of the publicly available exploits, but then realized that it would be much better to write their own. 

Although it wasn’t easy, they solved the problem by writing their own exploits from scratch. As a result. the network outperforms its contemporaries with regard to duration. 

They also had issues with bypassing some protections. As with the previous problem, they decided to completely rewrite the methods to ensure maximum quality. Additionally, they had challenges starting with the instability of the network, ending with the banal DDoS of their panel, and inaccessibility to customers. However, they solved them all.

It Attacks any Website

Ryan made it clear that there is no website the tool can’t bypass. He added he doesn’t care who buyers use the target on. He’s in for monetary gains. This is also why he is constantly upgrading Krypton. 

In conclusion, this was the creator’s outlook for the Krypton Network. He said “ In the future, we will update the methods and expand the network for even more power. We are planning to add some powerful methods (the developers have almost finished writing them). Also, every day we monitor the capacity and buy more servers to infect bots and increase power.”

Note: This article should not be construed as an advert for the product. It is based on firsthand testimonies of both the users/buyers and the creators.