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Five Big Hacking Group Unveil a New Alliance; The Five Families Cyber Alliance


Five Families Cyber Alliance is what five of the biggest hacking groups and forums unveiled on Monday. This is a new alliance, similar to historical family associations, but in this case, they’re hacking groups. 

Who Makes up the Five Families Cyber Alliance?

As per the post, the five families consist of four hacking groups and a forum. These are Ghostsec, Threatsec, Siegedsec, Stormous, and the Blackforums. Evidently, all members have a common understanding and will channel their energy to promote this goal. 

Cybertechwiz found that the hacktivist groups were most likely behind the alliance. According to the announcement on their telegram channel, they created the group to establish better unity and connections for everyone in the underground world of the internet and to expand and grow the work and operations of its members.

The alliance currently boasts a robust leadership structure. All members are equal and accountable to one another. Leaders from the five groups and forum currently head this coalition. This means that each chief is responsible for decision-making and other vital functions.

How the Alliance Affects the World

Depending on your perspective, the collaboration may yield positive or negative results. The union sought to improve the efficiency of individual groups. This means that the capabilities will increase to new heights.

For the hacktivists, they’ll have more leverage in their bid to rid the world of corruption. For ransomware gangs like Stormous, they could be even more deadly. The Blackforum may see more use cases and activity. It’s all open to speculation as no member commented on how coming together will affect them individually.

The five families may be one of the biggest alliances formed by such complex groups. It could also be the first of its kind. Nonetheless, the coalition has a telegram channel that indicates they regularly update the public on key events or exploits.

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