Morocco Academic Strongholds Faces Cybersecurity Nightmare


In Morocco, a significant issue has arisen at Abdelmalek Essaâdi University. A group known as Cyb3r Drag0nz claims they have gained unauthorized access to the university’s computer systems. These systems contain the personal information of approximately 160,000 individuals, including students, teachers, and important documents. To put it in perspective, the amount of data stolen is enormous, reaching a size of 237 gigabytes and divided into three parts.

This unfortunate incident unfolded on September 4th, 2023. On that day, the university was compelled to inform the public about a breach that occurred on the evening of September 3rd, specifically involving their platform used for enrolling students in master’s degree programs.

What makes this situation particularly concerning is the type of data that has been compromised. The hackers managed to obtain sensitive personal information, including email addresses, phone numbers, names, ages, and even passwords. This breach of privacy raises significant concerns.

Morocco Data Breach Widespreads

Furthermore, the impact of this breach extends beyond the university’s borders. Other online platforms have also been affected, including, which found itself inadvertently caught up in this unfortunate incident. Additionally, the stolen data has found its way to a part of the internet known as the dark web, where cybercriminals operate. This adds a layer of complexity and concern to the situation.

Efforts are now underway to understand the full scope of the problem. An individual using the name Proof has emerged as a point of contact, but the significance of this contact remains shrouded in mystery. Only a select few individuals possess the knowledge needed to decipher its meaning.

This incident has unfolded in Morocco, a place where rich traditions coexist with modern technology. Now, as the story continues to develop, there is a collective effort to uncover the truth behind this breach and to identify those responsible. The pursuit of answers and justice remains at the forefront of the ongoing investigation.