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Russia Could Be Gearing Up For A Full-Scale Cyber Attack On The U.S


Russia has been the main suspect in more than 70% of cyber attacks on the United States of America. A previous report has it that there has been an increase in cyber attacks since the U.S. and its allies imposed sanctions on the said aggressor. The news outlet noted that Russia appears to have officially declared cyberwar on the US.

The post stated that big US banks like JP Morgan, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs are under constant attack by cyber criminals looking to disrupt operations and steal client information.

There has now been an announcement by the Russian government to disconnect from external internet starting March 11. All companies in the country are required to get on .RU address and its domestic server. They were given a five-day compliance ultimatum.

Russia Tested the Program in 2021

The nation has been gearing up for a move like this since 2021. Russia managed to disconnect itself from the global internet during tests in June and July, the RBC daily reported on Thursday, citing documents from the working group tasked with improving Russia’s internet security.

Russia adopted legislation, known as the “sovereign Internet” law, in late 2019 that sought to shield the country from being cut off from foreign infrastructure, in answer to what Russia called the “aggressive nature” of the United States’ national cyber security strategy.

How is the United States responding to these threats? Forces from the U.S. Cyber Command, known as ‘cybermission teams’, are in place to interfere with Russia’s digital attacks and communications.