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Russian Hackers Down Poland Biggest Telecommunication Provider, Play

A group of Russian hackers announced the downing of Poland’s largest telecommunications provider Play/P4. They brought it to public notice on February 8 as the Poles experienced the effects of the cyberattack. Reports have it that the assault started on February 7 and was ongoing as of the next day.

The threat actors failed to specify the type of tactics they employed. However, it appears to be a DDoS as there were no reports of them pilfering sensitive data. The announcement from Telegram stated it was “a series of ongoing disruptions.” Additionally, the band, Just Evil claimed it had external help in carrying out the attack. They shared responsibility for the intrusion with Anonymous Sudan.

Aim for the Attack on Play

Both groups claimed that the main reason for the cyberattack was in response to NATO’s help to Ukraine. They added that the disruption will help “to block the remote repair of NATO equipment in Ukraine.” To this effect, some believe that the actors succeeded.

Poles reported slow internet connection following the attack. They said the speed of the network providers dropped from 750MB to 35MB. The threat actors also claimed that other EU countries also suffered the effects of the exploit. As a result, they claimed that interconnection with Ukraine is now almost non-functional. They added that the consequences could also spread to banks, hindering the use of bank and transport cards in Warsaw.

Play/P4 failed to provide any response to the looming complaint. When concerned contomers reach out to them on X, they directed them to the firm’s help desk.

In other news, the protest in Poland is taking a new shape as it is spreading to other EU countries. The protesters blocked several roads and crossing to Ukraine as they raised their voices against the European Union’s latest policy on agriculture. in response, Polish politicians called for the dismissal of the coalition’s commisioner.

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