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Ukraine Cyber Police Arrests Man For Selling Canadian and US Bank Accounts


Ukraine cyber police have apprehended a 31-year-old individual for orchestrating a cybercrime scheme that infiltrated bank accounts belonging to American and Canadian users, subsequently vending the acquired data on the dark web.

The suspect disseminated tainted software disguised as free resources through multiple websites under his administration. Moreover, he promoted these platforms through various advertising campaigns.

Law enforcement officials underscored that the suspect disseminated malware-laden software designed for both desktop and mobile (Android) operating systems.

“To distribute this malware, the perpetrator established and managed several websites, offering users the option to download diverse software at no cost,” stated the police’s announcement.

“The suspect initiated an extensive internet advertising campaign to ‘boost’ the controlled web resources.”

The malicious payloads infected victims’ devices, harvesting sensitive data for the hacker’s use in breaching their Google accounts and online banking platforms.

Subsequently, the hacker peddled access to compromised accounts to fellow cybercriminals via the dark web, arranging payments in Bitcoins after engaging them via phone conversations using a Russian number.

Ukrainian authorities revealed that the suspect had accomplices involved in the illicit activity, whose identities remain undisclosed. Investigators are actively pursuing leads to identify these associates.

Ukraine Cyber Police Estimate Earnings Exceeds $90k

According to police reports, the hacker has been active since 2017, transitioning to phishing tactics in 2021. Preliminary estimates indicate that the cybercriminal accrued at least $92,000 from his illicit endeavors, although the actual figure is presumed to be significantly higher.

The arrest transpired on February 14 at the suspect’s residence, during which law enforcement officers seized various items across three separate searches, including a luxurious Mercedes-Benz SUV valued at approximately $65,000.

The suspect faces potential imprisonment of up to eight years and the confiscation of all assets for contravening the Criminal Code of Ukraine – specifically, Part 2 of Article 209 (money laundering), Part 2 of Article 361 (unauthorized interference with information systems), and Part 1 of Article 361-1 (creation, distribution, or sale of harmful software or technical means for illegal use).