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Indian Minister Warns His Country is Under Threat From Hactivists


Indian minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah on Monday said how efforts have been made by other countries to jeopardize indian safety. These countries plan to launch special cyber attacks on Indians using strategic techniques from the hacktivist.

He said these parties do not want to see India safe. Shah gave a speech notifying the public on the support which central government would render to solve any form of cyber threat and attack.

Indian Minister Warns Citizens to be on High Alert

The Indian minister warns the country to implement and incorporate cybersecurity solutions in daily activities as they are bound to experience a high rate of cyber fraud. He further stated that cybersecurity encompasses national security, however the Narendra Modi government is keen to expand awareness of the country to reduce threats.

Shah stressed that IT security has become a core impact in India which needs to be implemented properly.  Cyberspace can be easily affected by malicious software to get unauthorized access to infrastructure, phishing links to obtain confidential information, ransomware attacks and denial of service attacks, among others.

Critical reasoning should be observed by the citizens before dispersing information.  Regular monitoring, vulnerability management, and patch updates to enable citizen privacy.

Shah mentioned the confidentiality of data and information. He stated everyone should secure data diligently as there will be an increasing number of cyber crimes  to be reported.

The home minister disclosed that a cyber attack was launched on the portal some years back which led to 11 lakh different cyber crimes.

Narendra’s government wants all citizens of India to be technologically stable and to implement cybersecurity solutions regularly. Shah said in the next few years there will be alternative methods for families who do not have a bank account to enable transactions. Thus, it will reduce corruption in the country.

The issue of cyber threats remains consistent but with the proper use of cybersecurity solutions, awareness programs, confidentiality methods, and cyber attacks can be reduced in India to a certain extent.