A Friend of the People, Enemy of the Government: Ghostsec is Never Backing Down


Ghostsec is one of the most consistent hacktivist groups. Not only is it renowned for its contribution to the people but also its commitment to seeing similar bands grow. 

The founder of this sect spoke extensively about their most recent hack on Iran’s spyware, his team, their goals, and other important topics during an interview. 

Let’s start with a clear introduction to the group.

About Ghostsec

Cybertechwiz had a chat with the proud leader of Ghostsec who described his band in the most gratifying way. He said they are family to him and would never trade them for anything. The founder also reflected on the harmony between him and his group and reiterated that they share the same goal. 

These goals are what form all that they stand for. Their “main goal is to use their skills and knowledge to help the voiceless, stand with those facing tyranny, injustices, to fight against pedophilia, terrorism and all kinds of bad shit going on around this world” while enjoying the action. 

The leader of the group, Sebastian Dante Alexander, threw more light on their preferred targets. In his words, he said “Anyone that is in some way doing something very wrong that harms people around the world. From governments to companies, and all kinds of things and people.”

It is no news that Ghostsec exposes the data of its victims for free. How do they fund their operations? Alexander said that they have a premium private chatroom where they offer courses for people to learn. Team members do other jobs and use funds from them to fund their operations.

Nonetheless, in its bid to help the “voiceless,” the group had several close shaves with law enforcers. However, they’ve had no success as the band covers its tracks very well after each operation. 

Regarding collaborations, the founder mentioned that they work with Threatsec and Siegedsec. Additionally, they “ have hands in various groups and many other things.” 

Alexander Speaks About Behnama 

Recall that Cybertechwiz reported that Behnama was the victim of a cyberattack and the group behind the attack was Ghostsec. Interestingly, the founder threw more light on how they got to know this top-secret spyware and some of its features. 

He said behnama is an AI-based tool used to invade people’s privacy, via facial recognition and many other features. Alexander maintained that they got to know about this software following several attacks, some whistle-blowers, and rumors.

After these events, they investigated the FANAP target and found that it exists. They launched several attacks that breached the system seamlessly. 

The group has since published most of the 20GB of data they exfiltrated despite several attempts by the Iranian government to stop the process. The band also shut down their website for a couple of hours.

Is that all for Iran? Ghostsec is not done with the nation. They created another Telegram channel to post further exploits on it. However, Alexander stressed that they may cut back on the attacks when a new and better regime seizes power in the Middle East country.

Peeking Into the Future 

Alexander said that he wants his group to continue to grow, make more changes around the world, and succeed on a much larger scale. 

Speaking on his final message to the world, he “At this time, I believe people should chase their goals and freedom. To never give up, to fight and stay strong for what they believe in. For people to walk around happy knowing they found purpose, a goal, and eventually their own freedom. Much love and respect!